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"Good Guys"

Mario - Mario is the oldest of the Mario brothers. He is married to Peach, the princess of Mushroom Kingdom, making him the Prince? I guess so... He uses fire for some of his attacks, and also has his companion F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine with him.

Luigi - The youngest of the Mario brothers. Married to Daisy, the princess of Sarasaland, making him the Prince there too? He also uses fire for at least one of his attacks, but mostly likes to use his hands and feet. In this comic, he will come out of Mario's shadow, once again, and be mostly the main character.

Link - The legendary hero of Hyrule. Link has appeared in many different stories, saving the Princess Zelda and fighting against Ganondorf. Now, Princess Zelda has been kidnapped once again, and Link must hunt down her captor.
Yoshi - A messenger to Mario, he is characterized by his loud outbursts and sudden appearances. He has a long tongue that flops out when he yells. He can also lay eggs.

Peach - The princess of Mushroom Kingdom, very rude and sarcastic. Highly expectant of Mario because of what he has done in the past.

Daisy - A tomboy, not as rude and sarcastic as Peach, and not expectant of Luigi at all. Likes to observe her surroundings.

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong - Very confident in himself, and treats Diddy like his little brother. Very strong, and loves to work as a team with other people, although he does quite well on his own.

Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong - Likes to help, but usually gets into trouble because of this. Looks up to Donkey Kong and aspires to be like him someday.

Kirby - Extremely nice to anyone, even when they are rude to him. Not a great fighter, but he could hold his own if he needed to.

King Dedede
King Dedede - Lazy, and fat. Strong, but hates fighting. Loves to lie down all day.

Wario - A great motorcyclist, and likes to think he knows his way around. Very informal, farts and burps whenever he likes. Loves garlic. Also likes to dress like a superhero. CEO for Warioware Inc.

Fox - Extremely fast and witty, he relishes a great spar with his buddy Falco.

Falco - Not as fast as Fox, but stronger and more violent.

Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon - Captain Falcon first appears in the comic when he saves Fox and Falco from falling into an ocean of lava. He is known to have direct contact with those at the World Headquarters.

Pikachu - The most famous of all Pokémon. Currently known for his witty arguments with Samus.

Samus - A bounty hunter in space. Most of her strength comes from her power suit, but she is also highly trained for agility and combat.

"bad Guys"

Bowser - Mario's main enemy. He is known for his numerous attempts at capturing Princess Peach for no apparent reason. Recently, he appears to have something to do with the various evil clones that have been appearing.

Meta Knight - Kirby's rival. Recently he has been seen to be leading the R.O.B. robots in some sort of evil plan.

R.O.B. Robots - A character made from old NES hardware. These robots appear to be in cahoots with Meta-Knight in some sort of evil plan.

Dark Fox - One of the clones who has been seen most frequently. He is known to leave the scene with a triumphant song, even if he was just punished for his failures.

Dark Falco - The clone of Falco. The real Fox and Falco have been in pursuit of this clone since his first appearance.

The Clones - Evil clones of the heroes with enhanced skills. Referred to as "Dark" versions of the originals.